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We launched Posterous in July of 2008. Why? Because we love sharing photos, video and thoughts with others, but we didn’t particularly love how difficult it was to do. So we set out to make sharing as simple as sending an email.

Others must agree, since we’re growing steadily as we continue adding fun new ways to share. All while keeping to our original pledge: simplicity. With the launch of Posterous Spaces, the bar is raised again. Today we continue to evolve how people share, making it as simple as in real life thanks to smarter thinking and intuitive controls.

Since launching in 2008, we now serve over 40 million page views per month. We were recently named in the Alexa Top 500 Most Viewed sites on the web, growing over 1100% last year. And we’re just getting started.


Who we are

Posterous is a small but mighty group of passionate designers and engineers. As a team, we love being nimble and building products that delight users and unite folks with the world around them. Our goal is to remain in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, where we sling code and update features on a daily basis.

We only hire true builders. In a nutshell, self-starting and talented people who want to make life enjoyable for hundreds of millions of users.

Posterous is an angel and VC-funded software startup in the heart of San Francisco's Mission district. We’re in a beautiful 3500-sq ft loft space with panoramic views of the city. We provide all the soda, juice, or beer you can drink, and any snacks you can think of, all in a laid back and flexible workspace.

All positions are full time and on-site, located in the heart of San Francisco's beautiful Mission District.

Join us.


Here's what people have been saying about Posterous

What might be the simplest blogging platform to date... I'm seriously liking
—Michael Arrington, TechCrunch

The quickest and easiest setup I've ever seen.

—Huffington Post

For someone as time-jammed as I am, Posterous rocks. It took less than 15 minutes to figure out how to use it.
—Chris Anderson, TED Curator

It's the most brilliant thing I've seen in a long while.
—John Maeda, President, Rhode Island School of Design

In terms of making things really dead simple Posterous beats every other service or app I have ever used.
—Werner Vogels, CTO,